How to use the app

First, choose the correct app for your Student's Book. Choose by CEFR level (e.g. A2, B1, etc.) or description (e.g, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, etc.) and by language (British English or American English). Tap the correct image (e.g. A2 Elementary British English). Wait for the app to download. This takes a few minutes, but then you can use it offline.

There are three games for each grammar point in your Student’s Book and three games for each vocabulary set too.

Every time you see this icon in your Student’s Book,

there are three different games to try on the app. You can play them all at least once. You can play some of them again and see more questions.

Now you’re ready to play!

The games are organised by unit, topic and game. For example, in B1 Pre-intermediate:

Unit 1
Topic: Personality adjectives
Games: Letter by letter, Syllables and Sort


When you complete two consecutive units, you also unlock extra bonus content for that grammar and vocabulary in the Review units.

You can do the games in any order. It’s your personal choice.

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