How do I find my institution during registration? (Teachers)

If you are a teacher and you want to register for the Richmond Learning Platform, first you need to check if your institution (the school, college or university where you teach English) is already registered.

To find your institution, enter part of the institution name and select ‘Search’.

For example, to find ‘University College London’, you can enter ‘University’, 'College' or 'London’.

Then you will see a list of institution names containing the word(s) you entered. Select your institution from the list, then select 'Next'. Please contact the Training Manager (administrator) for your institution so they can register you as a teacher and give you your login details.

Here are some more tips to help you find your institution.

  • Check your spelling. Have you entered the institution name correctly?
  • Remember to use the official name of your school or university. (Institutions are listed in our database using their full, official name, normally the name that appears on the school or university website. Check your institution's website if you are unsure about the official name.)
  • Don’t use initials or abbreviations like ‘IES’ or ‘UTP’. Enter the official name of your school or university.
  • Don’t just enter the state or area where your school or university is, for example ‘Manaus’.
  • Remember, if your school, college or university has more than one campus, you may need to enter the name of your campus (e.g. 'International House Zaragoza', not 'International House').

If you still can’t find your school, college or university, it may not be registered on the Richmond Learning Platform. Please select ‘Register new institution’ to register on the platform.

If you are sure your institution is already registered, but you can’t find it in the list, please contact your Training Manager or contact us

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