About Personal Best

‘Personal Best’ is a six-level General English course from Richmond for today’s busy adults. The Personal Best Language App gives you extra practice of all the grammar and vocabulary in your ‘Personal Best’ Student’s Book to do in your free time.

A message from the Series Editor, Jim Scrivener

Hello and welcome to the Personal Best Language App! My name is Jim Scrivener and I’m the Series Editor of ‘Personal Best’. I’m also a teacher and teacher trainer and I’m passionate about language and language learning. This app is the perfect way to learn and practise English on the go. It’s quick, fun and mobile! Use it whenever you have a spare moment for your language learning and enjoy the choice, variety and challenge of a wide range of interactive games. You decide what you practise, when you practise and how you practise. There are hundreds of games to try. You can try to beat the clock and win extra points for speed. You can win cups and badges for trying more games and different questions, and for improving your score. You can even choose the level of difficulty for some of them.

What would you like to practise: grammar or vocabulary? What would you like to focus on: form, meaning or pronunciation? Do you like games with pictures, words or sounds? Would you prefer an easier option or a more difficult one? Do you need a hint? Do you need an example? Would you like to try again with different questions?

Learn on the go and have fun … because practice makes perfect!

Personal Best …

… is Personal Everyone is different. We all learn at different speeds and have different strengths and weaknesses. You choose what, where and when you practise with the app.

... helps you achieve your Best The app puts practice at the heart of learning and gives you the tools you need to do your personal best.

Do your Personal Best with English!

Jim Scrivener


For more information about Personal Best, go to www.richmondelt.com/personalbest

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