Once you´ve accessed your class in the Richmond Learning Platform, the icon Assignments will show all tasks directly assigned to you by your teacher. From the Assignments page, you can start to work on your Assignments and restart Assignments pending of completion. You will also see the scores of the Assignments you have completed.

  • Use the filter on the top to sort assignments by due date.

  • Click the name of an assignment to see additional information related to it.
  • Due dates are established by your teacher and are the end date to turn in or submit an assignment. You must submit assignments before the due date, or else they will be removed from the list and you won´t be able to complete them.
  • The Progress icon shows if an assignment has been starter, if its partially completed or fully completed and submitted.

Current assignments

Assignments can have multiple activities or parts.

When you click on the name of an assignment you will see all the information related to it.

  • Contents: if an Assignment includes more than one activity, all the activities that are part of it will be displayed here. To start one of the activities simply click on it. Activities will open in a new window. When an activity has not been started, the message NOT STARTED will appear to its right. If an activity has been completed, the score obtained by the student will be displayed.
  • Total: it is the average score obtained by the student in all the activities that make the assignment.

When you have finished and completed all the activities in an assignment, click SUBMIT to send your assignment to your teacher. It will appear as COMPLETE in the main list of assignments.

Teachers can create their own, personalized assignments, which won´t be part of the interactive content included for your class. Teachers can assign these personalized tasks by sending students a message with the description of the activity or the instructions. Personalized assignments are usually accompanied by an attached file that students will have to download to be able to carry out the task and complete the assignment. They should follow the instructions provided by the teacher, and are usually expected to upload the file again with their answers.:

In this case, assignment scores won´t be provided automatically by the platform. Students have to wait for the teacher to grade it and manually assign a grade.

 If you wish to see the list of completed assignments, as well as those past due that can no longer be completed by students, you can do so through the Markbook.

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