When your teachers sends you a message, or when there are updates by Richmond to the Richmond Learning Platform, they will appear in the Message Center. The Message Center works only to receive messages. The Message Center does not allow contact with teachers or Training Managers directly, and you won´t be able to reply to the messages you receive directly from it.

Access to the Message Center is found on the top of the screen, in the form of a speech bubble. When it includes the icon of a bell, it means you have new messages to read.

Click the speech bubble icon to open the Message Center.


The Message Center includes:

  • My Messages: these are the messages sent by your Teacher or Training Manager and include notifications of assignments. If you´ve been notified you have an assignment, click on the assignment to go to the Assignments page.
  • System Messages: these are messages sent by Richmond, such as information on updates to the platform.

You can receive these messages by email if you activate this option in your Profile.

Read this article for more information on Assigments.

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