Class Library

The Class Library is a space for a class to share documents and resources.

To access the Class Library, go to your Home page and select a class. Once in the class you selected, access the Class Materials section. You will find the Class Library tab there, on the right side of the screen.

Once in the Class Library, you will see a list of the files and documents in it. To open them, click on their names. You can filter documents by type, or by the profile of the person who uploaded them (teacher or student).

It is possible to sort documents by title or the names of the people who uploaded them.

All content uploaded to the Class Library will be automatically shared with the class.

Click the UPLOAD button in the Class Library. A new window will open that will allow you to select the files you want to upload.

If you don´t want to share your document with the whole class and want to share it with your teacher only, you must choose the option:

Mark this content private between me and the Teacher(s)

If you wish to share your document with the whole class, select the option:

Make this content public for everyone in this class

Click UPLOAD to complete the process and share your file. Your file will appear in the list of documents in the Class Library. All files uploaded to the Class Library can be managed from the My Uploads section.


Deleting a document from the Class Library

To edit or delete a file, go to My Uploads.

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