Using the Forum

The forum is an area for class discussion. All Training Managers, teachers and students can use the Forum.

 To access the Forum, select your class in the home page and click on the Forum icon on the right side of the screen.



Select a name or topic to read the original post and all the replies to it.

 Next to each name or topic you find:

  • The name of the user that created the topic
  • The date and time in which the topic was created
  • The name of replies to the original post
  • If you created the original post, you will be able to edit or delete it by clicking the pencil or the trash bin icon. If the post was created by another user, these icons won´t be visible.

Click on the name or topic, or on the date, to see all replies.


Filtering contents:

  • Select the list of topics that you want to see: all, created by you, archived, archived by you.
  • Select a tag defined by the teacher to see all topics under that tag.


Creating a new post in the Forum:

  • Click the Forum icon
  • Click the New Topic (+) icon
  • Type the name of your post. If your teacher has created tags to manage forum discussions, you will be able to select the one that fits the topic of your post best.
  • If you want to attach one or more files to your post, click UPLOAD FILE and choose the files you want to add. Click UPLOAD to add the files to your post.



Editing a post:

You will only be able to edit posts that you created.

  • In all your posts, the pencil icon will be available to edit. Click it to edit content.
  • Edit the content.
  • Click UPDATE to save changes.


Deleting a post:

You will only be able to delete posts you created.

  • In all your posts, the trash bin icon will be available to delete posts. Click it to delete a post.
  • You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the post. Select YES, DELETE it if you are sure you want to do so.


Replying to a post:

You will be able to reply to all posts made by other users.

  • You will see the “+” icon in all posts. Clicking it will allow you to reply to other user´s posts.
  • Write your comment or reply.
  • Select ADD REPLY to save and publish your comment or reply.

 Remember to use de Forum in a responsible way. Teachers and Training Managers can edit or delete posts if necessary.


Tags Administration: 

If you are a teacher or a Training Manager, you can create tags to manage the content and topics in the Forum. When a new topic or discussion thread is created, users will be able to select a tag to group the new topic under a more general category (for example: Grammar, Reading, Environment…) Click “Manage Tags” to see a list of current categories already created. Tags can be edited or deleted if necessary:


To create a new tag, write the name of the new tag and select a color to identify it. Click ADD TAG and the new one will be ready to use.

 When creating a new discussion topic or thread in the Forum and a tag is associated to it, the color of the frame of the number of answers to the original post will appear in the corresponding color:


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