My Uploads

My Uploads is the section from which you can manage all the documents and files you have uploaded to the platform.

You can upload content to either store it for your own access, or to share with your class and/or teacher.

To access your Uploads, click on your name at the top on the right side of your screen. A drop-down menu will display. Select My Uploads. The list of the files you have uploaded to the platform will be displayed.

Content in your Uploads section can be filtered by type or class. To do so, click on Filter list by and select the values you want.

Types of content that can be uploaded:

  • Documents: by clicking on the UPLOAD button on the right side of the screen, a new window will open for you to select or drag and drop the files you want to upload.
    • Each user has 100MB of storage space in the Richmond Learning Platform.
    • If you are trying to upload a file with the same name of an already existing file, you will receive a warning message. You will have to change the name of the file you are trying to upload.
    • You can upload more than one file at a time. Select all the files you want to upload before clicking the UPLOAD button.
    • If files exceed the maximum storage size allowed per user, you will receive a warning message and won´t be able to upload new content. You will have to delete other existing files before being able to upload new ones.


  • Links: you can create and upload links to specific web pages or files in online locations, instead of uploading very heavy audio or video files. To do so, click the LINKS icon on the right side of the screen and complete the information with the web address (starting with "http://") as well as name to identify the link.


These contents will always be editable by clicking on them and choosing the EDIT option on the top of the list. A new window will appear, including the name, description and type of document. If you want to edit a file, you will need to remove it from the platform, edit it in your computer, save the changes and upload it again.


Storage space

If you want to know how much space you have available to store files in the platform, click on the storage icon for the information.

In the example, this person has used 10.56 MB out of the 100 available.


Sharing content with other users

All files and links stored in My Uploads can be shared with the class. They will appear in the Class Library.

To share a file with your class, follow these steps:

  • From the list of files in your Uploads, select the files you want to share and click the SHARE button.

  • Select the class you want to share the file with and choose whether you want the file to be public, available for all the class, or if you want to share it with your teacher only:
    • Make this content public for everyone in this class.
    • Make this content private between me and the teacher(s)
  • Click SHARE to make the file available. The icon that shows that a file has been shared will be highlighted within seconds for files that have been shared.

If a user belongs to more than one class, the above process will have to be repeated to share a file with multiple classes.


How to stop sharing a file in My Uploads

To stop sharing a file stored in My Uploads, select it and then click on EDIT. You will see the description of the file and who it has been shared with. Deselect classes to stop sharing the file and click SAVE. The file will not be available to the class you deselected anymore.


How to delete a file from My Uploads

Select the file(s) you want to remove. Click DELETE on the top of the page. If you delete files that have been shared to the Class Library, they will also be removed from the Class Library.

As a teacher or Training Manager, you won´t be able to delete activities that have been assigned to students as mandatory.

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