Each course has a Resources section which includes all the files teachers normally get in the Teacher's Resource CD.

We have also added two versions of all the Audio files:

  • Download: a zip file with all the tracks for each unit as MP3 files. You can download these files, unzip them and then play them in your computer or copy them to your MP3 player. 
  • Play: all the tracks organised by unit so you can play them from within Richmond Spiral, without needing to download them. These also include transcripts: click on the speech balloon button at the end of each audio player to open a window with the transcript of the track. You can drag this box if you need to move it out of the way.

You can also sort your resources by title, type or author by clicking on the arrows next the column headings.


Show resources to your class

Only teachers can see these Resources, but you can choose whether to show them to your students so they can also see them in their Resources section.

Simply click on the 'Show' button (gray lock) in the last column next to each file. It will change to an orange button to show you which files the students can see. 

only the teacher can see these files
the whole class can see these files


Manage folders

You can add more folders to Resources to add your own content.

  • Click on 'Manage folders' on the menu.
  • Click on the location where you want your new folder to appear and enter the name for your new folder.
  • You can also rename or delete the folders you have created. It's not possible to rename or delete folders created by Richmond.


Add your own resources

You can add your own files to Resources. You can't upload files directly to this section - you have to upload them to 'My files' first and then 'share' (or copy) them from there to the relevant Resources area for each of your courses.

See My files for more information.


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