29 Sep 2015: Changes to the registration and login process

We are very pleased to announce some major improvements to the Richmond Learning Platform effective from 29th September 2015:



You can now log in with your registered email address instead of a username. If you registered before 29 September 2015 you have a username and you can still use it to log in, but we recommend that you add your email address to your profile as soon as possible. See this help article on how to change your details in your Profile. Once all our users have updated their email address, we will remove usernames so everyone can log in with their email address.

If you add your email address to your profile, it will also be easier to recover your password and receive notifications.

Read our help articles on Registration and Login:




It is now easier for students to register themselves in just a few simple steps. Students only need an email address and their Access Code to register. If their teachers have given them a Class Code to join a class, they can do this during the registration process. At the end of the process, they will receive an email confirming their login details: email address, the password they chose during registration and their Institution ID. They need to click on the button or the link in the email to activate their account. Students registering from now on will not have a username, they will log in with their email address instead.

Teachers can easily check whether their institution is already registered on the Richmond Learning Platform, which will prevent institutions being registered more than once. If they are not sure, they can search for their institution during registration. If the institution is already registered, they will need to contact their Training Manager to get their login details. If the institution is not registered yet, teachers can register the institution themselves.


Importing students and teachers using a CSV document (for Training Managers)

We have also improved the process for Training Managers at institutions to create student and teacher accounts in bulk using a CSV document. Find more information here:



Clear your cache

You may need to clear your cache for these changes to take effect. See this article for help.

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