Creating, editing and deleting classes

The Classes area contains a table showing the name, description and start date of each class created on a separate row. You can click the table column headings to sort the columns.

To create a class:

  • Select the Classes tab, then select 'New Class'. 

  • Enter the name of the class, a description of the class and a start date (the start date is for your records only). 

  • Select 'Create'.

You can edit class details at any time, switch class access to the Library and Forum modules on or off, or view the users in a class. You can only edit one class at a time.

To edit a class:

  • Select the Classes tab. 

  • Select the checkbox of the class you want to edit, then select 'Edit'. 

  • Edit the class details as required. 

  • Select the Library and/or Forum button to enable and disable access to these features. Disabling access will hide the Library and Forum tabs for all Teachers and Students in your institution, without deleting any files or posts stored in these areas. 

  • Select 'Save changes' when you have finished. 

To delete a class:

You can delete one or more classes at a time. Deleting a class will permanently remove it from the Richmond VLE. Users in the class will not be deleted.

  • Select the Classes tab. 

  • Select the checkbox(es) of the class(es) you want to delete, then select 'Delete' 


This information is for users of the Richmond Learning Platform. If you are registering for Richmond SPIRAL, please see this article.

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