Class admin — how to create, edit and delete a class

Creating classes in Richmond SPIRAL will allow you to organize your students into classes, see the scores for all your students in the Gradebook, send messages to the whole class (for instance, to remind them about their homework) and make some of the files in the Resources area visible to them.

You can do all your class admin from the button on the top navigation bar in Richmond Spiral:

Create a class

  • Click on 'Create a class' on the menu
  • Give a name to your class, e.g. Class 2A
  • Add a description for your class (optional), e.g. Monday and Wednesday 9am
  • Choose the course or courses for this class. Make sure this is the course all the students in this class have access to, e.g. Thumbs Up! 3.
  • Choose if you want to include shared content from other classes. If you have already created other classes, and you shared some of the files in 'My files' with that class (i.e. so that they appear in Resources), you can copy the same files to this class. See How to share Resources with your class for more information on this feature.

Once you have a created a class, it will appear in the Class admin list with a Class key at the end. This is the code you need to give your students so they can join the class.

Your students will need to click on the 'Join a class' button in the home page and enter this Class key. For more information, see the article How to join a class.

You can sort your classes by name, courses, description or date created. Simply click on the arrows at the top of each column.


Edit a class

You can change the class name, description or courses linked to that class. Select the class you want to change by checking the box next to the class name and then click on 'Edit' in the menu.

You can also delete a class completely by selecting the class and then clicking on 'Delete' on the menu.

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