How to use My files

Teachers can upload their own content to Richmond Spiral. You can keep this content in My files or 'share' it to the Resources area of your courses.

  • Click on My files in the top navigation menu:
  • Click on Upload and then Select content from your computer to find and select the file, or simply drag the file to this box.

You can upload files of the following types:

  • Animation: swf, svg
  • Presentation: ppt, pptx, pps, ppsx
  • Document:  doc, docx, xls, xlsx, one, pub, pubx, pdf, obt, obs, rtf, txt
  • Compressed: zip, rar
  • Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, png

It is not possible to upload audio or video files to Richmond Spiral. Instead, we suggest you upload this type of file to websites like YouTube or SoundCloud and then create a weblink in My files which you can then share with your students. 

You have 50 MB of space for your files. If you can't upload new files, it may be because you have reached this limit and you should delete some files to make space.

Once you have uploaded a file you can download it, rename it or delete it. Simply check the box next to the file and then click on the relevant button from the menu: Download, Rename or Delete.

You can also add weblinks. Use this to save useful websites which you can then share with your class.


Sharing files

'Sharing' files from My files creates a copy of these files in the relevant Resources section in your courses, so you can keep all your resources organized in one area. It also allows you to make some of your files visible to your students.

  • Select the file(s) you want to copy to Resources by checking the box next to the file name and click on Share on the menu just above the files.
  • Choose the class you want to share these files with. If you choose more than one class, make sure these classes use the same course, e.g. Thumbs Up! 3. If they don't share a course, please select only one class at a time.
  • Select the folder where you want to place your files. We suggest you use the folder we have already supplied for you, called 'Our class resources'. Or you can create your own folder.
  • Check the box if you want these files to be visible to your students. If you don't check it, the files will only be visible to you. You can always share them with your students later by clicking the gray lock icon that appears next to them in the Resources section (see Resources for more information on how to make files visible to your students).


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