How to reset your student's password

If one of your students has forgotten his or her password, they can reset it themselves by clicking the Forgotten your password? link in the login box. They can enter their email address here and they will receive an email so they can choose a new password.

If your student doesn't have access to their email right now and you need them to log in to Richmond Spiral, you can reset it for them. Note: This will only work if your student has already joined your class in Richmond Spiral.

  1. Go to Class Admin and select the class your student belongs to. 
  2. Select the checkbox next to the student's name and click Change password from the menu above.
  3. Enter a new password for your student.

We will send an email notification of this password change to the student’s registered email address. We recommend your student chooses their own password by clicking on their Profile and then Change password.


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