How to use the Gradebook

In order to use the Gradebook, you must create a class and get your students to join it.

Once you have several students in your class you will be able to see their scores in the Gradebook. You can see the class average or individual students' progress and scores for a whole product, for a unit/section of the product or for an individual activity.

Select a course from the home page.

Click on the Gradebook tab.

Now you can see the class overview page, showing the Richmond products your class is using and the average progress for the whole class. You can also see the average score for the first time your students completed the activities and the average score for the last attempt. If they have only attempted the activities once, the first and last scores will be the same.

Click on a Richmond product name and you'll see a list of students as well as their progress and scores for all the units in that product.

Click on the All units dropdown menu and select a unit to see the average scores for that unit.

You can also select a student (by clicking on their name or the icon next to it) to see a breakdown of the student's scores in each unit and activity.

If you want to view a different student's scores, select another name from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

You can also export (download) information from the Gradebook to your computer. See How to export (download) the Gradebook.

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