The Assignments tab shows information about all assignments set by your teacher. From this page, you can start or continue current assignments and see results of assignments you have already completed.

If you are a Teacher or a Training Manager and you need help with creating, editing or viewing results for students' assignments, please see this article.

  • Use the menu on the left to choose current, completed or overdue (past due date) assignments.
  • Select an assignment name to see information about that assignment.
  • The due date is the date set by your teacher. You should complete your assignment before this date. Overdue assignments are highlighted in red.
  • The progress icon shows whether the assignment has been started, partly completed or fully completed and submitted.

Current assignments

Assignments can have several different parts or activities.

When you select an assignment name in the Current assignments area, you will see information about that assignment.

  • Assignment material shows the activities you must complete for this assignment. Select an activity name to start the activity.
  • Assessable means that your score for the activity will count towards your overall mark for the assignment.
  • Mandatory means that you must do this activity before you can submit your assignment.

When you have finished all of the mandatory activities, select Submit to send your assignment to your teacher.

Completed assignments

The Completed assignments area shows information about assignments you have already completed.

To see your score for the assignment, select the checkbox next to the assignment name. Then select View result.

The Score % column shows the average score you achieved for the activities in the assignment.

Past due date

This area shows any overdue assignments. Follow the instructions in Current assignments above to complete the assignment and send it to your teacher.



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