Uploading content

The My Content area allows you to upload files and share them with your colleagues. It is also possible to send uploaded files to students as assignments, including SCORM-compliant content that will play directly on the Richmond Learning Platform.

To upload content:

  • Select My Content at the top of the screen.
  • Select Upload.
  • Select the Choose File button to browse and find your file. SCORM content must be uploaded as a single zip file.
  • Complete the file details. You must select interactive in the Format field if you are uploading a SCORM package.
  • Select Upload when you have finished.

You can edit some file details after you have uploaded a file by selecting the checkbox of the file and selecting Edit.

When you first upload content, it will be unpublished. It won’t be shared with any other users. To allow other Training Managers and teachers in your class to view the content, select the checkbox of the file and select More, then Publish.

Once a file has been published, you can also share the file. This means that all Training Managers and Teachers in your institution will be able to see the content in the My Content area.

To share a file, select More, then Share. Remember, once you share a file, that file cannot be unshared or deleted.

The More menu also contains options to view information, delete or download the selected file.

There is a maximum size limit of 10MB per uploaded file and 100MB in total for each Teacher and Training Manager (students have a limit of 50MB). All files uploaded will be scanned for viruses, but you should also take your own precautions and ensure you comply with Richmond’s terms of use.


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