The role of the Training Manager

There are three different user roles within educational institutions using the Richmond Learning Platform: Training Manager (administrator), Teacher and Student.

Training Managers can:

  • create and edit classes
  • create and edit other Training Manager, Teacher and Student users 

  • add users to classes 

  • send messages to users.

Training Managers can also do all the things that a Teacher role can do:

  • upload content
  • manage access to Richmond material
  • use the Library
  • monitor the Forum, including viewing and posting messages
  • view the Markbook
  • create Assignments and view results
  • edit their Profile page.

An educational institution needs to have at least one Training Manager. Each Training Manager can create other Training Manager roles, so that other people can create and edit classes.  Students can also register themselves and join existing classes in the institution.

Training Managers may need to give login details to other users, maintain accounts and reset user passwords, but they do not need any specific technical knowledge.

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