Resetting a user's password

For security reasons, it isn't possible for anyone to look up a user's password on the Richmond Learning Platform.

However, if you are a Training Manager, you can reset a user's password at any time.

When you reset a user's password, the user's password will change to 'pass'. The user will be asked to change the password the next time he/she logs in to the platform.

To reset a user's password:

  • Select the Users tab.
  • Select the checkbox of the user whose password needs to be reset, then select Edit.
  • Select the Reset password box.
  • Select Save changes to confirm your changes.

Important: from September 2015, email addresses are compulsory for all users. If you edit a user's profile, for instance to reset the password, you will not be able to save changes if the email field is empty. You will need to add the user's email address to the email field.

Once a user has added an email address to their profile, they can also reset the password themselves by clicking on the 'Forgotten your login details' link on the login page. See this article for more information.


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