The Play area

Richmond Spiral has a Study area for all the interactive activities that go with your course, and a Play area which is just for fun!

The Play area has 300 games to improve your vocabulary.

There are four levels of difficulty: Rookie, Amateur, Expert and Legend. Rookie is the lowest level and Legend is the highest level.

There are 15 vocabulary topics in each level and each topic has 5 games. You need to complete the first four games before you can play the final game (which is a quiz).

If you get all the answers correct, you will get 5 coins for each game. And the more coins you get, the bigger the treasure for each topic!

 Emerald Get 1-8 coins in a topic.
 Ruby Get 9-16 coins in a topic.
 Diamond Get 17-24 coins in a topic.
 Treasure Get 25 coins in a topic.


You can see the total score for the games you played this week and the grand total for all the games you have ever played:

Use the 'My achievements' panel to see all your scores:

The scores for the Play area won't appear in your Gradebook, but if you are part of a class, you can compete with your classmates! At the end of the week, on Saturday night, the name of the classmate with the highest score for that week will appear on the leader board. You can also see who has the highest score in your class right now!

You can also see the leader board from the home page. Click on the class icon in the top right hand corner. Click on the icon again to close it.

If you complete all the topics in all 4 levels, you will have learned nearly 1000 words! Have fun!


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