My Home: how to find and register your Richmond products

When you log in to the Richmond Learning Platform, you will see your Home page.

If you are a Student, your Home page shows all the products you have activated, sorted by course.

If you are a Teacher or a Training Manager, you will only be able to see the material for a product once at least one student in your class has entered a valid access code for that product.

The first time you log in, your Home page will only show one product: the product you activated when you registered for the platform.

To register a new or different product:

  • Select Register new product.
  • Enter the access code from your Richmond product (e.g. your Richmond book or CD-ROM), then select Register.

If you need help finding your access code, please see this article.

Each access code is valid for 14 months after the first time it is used. After this time, products will become unavailable and you will no longer see them on your Home page.

How to use the Home page:

  • Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the products you have access to. They are arranged by course.
  • Select the picture of a product, or the product name, to see the material for that product.

For more information on how to view materials from your Richmond products, please see this article.

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