My Profile: how to change your details

To see your Profile, select your name in the top right hand corner.


Your Profile includes your name, email address and password, and your username (if you have one). It also shows the classes you are linked to on the Richmond Learning Platform.

To change your password or email address, change the details and then select 'Save changes'.

If you haven't added an email address to your Profile, please add it now. Soon we will be changing the login process to make logging in to the Richmond Learning Platform easier. You will be able to log in with your email address and password and you won't need a username or Institution ID.

If you need to change your name or classes, please speak to your Training Manager (the person at your school, college or university who is the administrator for the Richmond Learning Platform).

You will not be able to change your username. Usernames will be removed soon. If you have a registered email address, use this to log in.

If you are a Teacher, you can edit the name on your Profile page yourself. However, only a Training Manager can make changes to your classes.

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