The product menu page

When you select a product from your Home page, you will see a menu for that product.

All products (except eWorkbooks) are divided into units. Each unit contains several activities.

  • Choose which unit you want to view using the menu on the left. (If you study in a school, college or university, your teacher may have disabled access to some units.)
  • Select the title of an activity from the unit to start that activity.
  • You can try each activity a certain number of times (usually two times). The progress icon shows how many times you have tried the activity.
  • The 'first score' columns shows the score from the first time you did the activity. The 'last score' shows your latest score for that activity.


Please see this article for more information on activities.

If you want to look at a different product, select 'My Home'. You can view all your activated products on your Home page.

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