Using the Forum

The Forum is a discussion area for your class. All Training Managers, Teachers and Students can use the Forum.

To get to the Forum, select Classes and choose the class you want from the list. Then, select the Forum tab on the right side of the screen.

Select a forum topic name to read the original post and all replies. You can also search for forum posts by entering a keyword in the search box.

Next to each forum topic, you can see:

  • the name of the user who created the topic 
  • the date and time the topic was created
  • the number of replies to the original post.

Select Show thread to see all the replies.

To create a new forum post:

  • Select the Forum tab.
  • Select Create topic.
  • Enter the subject of your post. Select Browse if you would like to choose an image to be displayed with your post.
  • Enter the text for your forum post. You can use the tools in the text box to format your text and add extra features like links and tables, if you want to.
  • When you have finished, select Create. Your post will be added to the Forum.

To edit one of your posts:

  • Select the settings icon to the right of the post.
  • Select Edit in the list.
  • Edit the text of your post.
  • Select the Update button to save your changes.

To delete one of your posts:

  • Select the settings icon to the right of the post.
  • Select Delete in the list.
  • Select OK to confirm you want to delete your post.

Remember to use the Forum responsibly. Teachers and Training Managers can edit or delete forum posts if necessary.

If you are a Teacher or a Training Manager, follow the steps above to edit or delete Students' posts, if required.

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