Managing access to Richmond material

If you are a Training Manager or Teacher, you will only be able to see the material for a Richmond product on the Learning Platform once at least one student in your class has entered a valid access code for that product.

When a student activates a Richmond product using an access code, they are given access to all material for that product by default.

However, once a student has activated a product, it's possible for Training Managers and Teachers to control which parts of the product the student can view, by enabling or disabling units.

If you disable access to a unit, students will not see this unit on their product menu page.


How to change students' access to Richmond material:

  • Select 'Classes' and choose the class you want to manage access for from the list.
  • Select the Materials tab.
  • Course products that have been activated by students in this class are shown on the left of the screen. Select a product.
  • Select the checkboxes of the units you want to enable or disable, then select 'Manage access'.
  • Use the 'Toggle all' button to enable or disable access to the chosen units for all students in this class. Alternatively, use the buttons next to each student's name to manage access for individual students.
  • Select 'Save changes' to confirm your changes.

You can only change access at the unit level – you can't enable or disable individual activities or whole courses.

Remember, you can only enable or disable units in a course once that course product has been activated by a student in your class.

For more information on how students can activate Richmond products, see this article.


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