User roles: Training Managers, Teachers and Students

There are three different user roles within educational institutions using the Richmond Learning Platform: Training Manager, Teacher and Student.

Training Managers are administrators on the platform.

Training Managers can:

  • create and edit classes
  • create and edit other Training Manager, Teacher and Student users
  • add users to classes
  • send messages to users.

Training Managers can also do all the things a Teacher can do. For more information on the role of the Training Manager, see this article.

Teachers can:

  • upload content
  • manage access to Richmond material
  • use the Library
  • monitor the Forum, including viewing and posting messages
  • view the Markbooks for their students
  • create Assignments and view results
  • edit their Profile page.

Students can:

  • register for the platform
  • activate new products
  • view material for Richmond products they have activated
  • use the Library (if this is enabled for their class)
  • view and post messages on the Forum (if this is enabled for their class)
  • complete assignments created by their teacher
  • edit some details on their Profile page.
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