The Study area

Richmond Spiral has a Study area for all the interactive activities that go with your course, and a Play area which is just for fun!

The Study area includes interactive practice activities for your Richmond course. You can get immediate feedback on your answers and see your scores in your Gradebook.

Select your Richmond course from the home page:

Click on the relevant product and select a unit or section to view all the activities for that unit.

Progress bars  show if you have completed the unit, and Check icons show which activities you have already completed.

Click on the name of the activity to open it.

Your current score for the activity appears in the top left hand corner. If the activity has audio, click on the blue Audio icon. 

Some activities have a Finish button - you must click this to finish this question and move to the next screen.

When you have completed the activity, you can see your final score. This is the score that will be recorded in your Gradebook. You can click on 'Answers' to view the correct answers, or you can click on the orange X icon to close the activity.

You can do the activity as many times as you want to improve your score.

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