How to export (download) the Gradebook

You can export information from the Richmond Spiral Gradebook to a PDF or CSV* file and download the file to your computer. This makes it easier to share information from the Gradebook with others.

To view the Gradebook, select a course from the home page, then select the Gradebook tab.

Now you can see the class overview page, showing the Richmond products your class is using and the average progress for the whole class. Select Export to download this page. The class overview can only be exported as a PDF file.

Click on a Richmond product name and you’ll see the product overview page. This shows a list of students and their progress and scores for all the units in the product.

Using the dropdown menus at the top of the page, you can choose which product and which units to display. You can also sort the columns in the Gradebook by student name, progress, first score or last score.

Once you have selected and sorted the information you want to download, select Export. The product overview page can be exported as either a PDF or a CSV document.

If you want to download the scores for an individual student, click on the student’s name (or the icon next to it) to open the student overview. You can expand each section of the overview if you want to see the student’s scores and progress in individual activities.

Select Export to download the information as either a PDF or a CSV file.

Remember, when you export to a PDF or CSV file, you will export the information that’s currently shown on the Gradebook page. You should make sure the page shows the information you want before selecting Export.

For more information on using the Gradebook, see How to use the Gradebook.

*A CSV file is a kind of table or spreadsheet that can be used to import or export data between different software programs.

There are several spreadsheet programs which make it easy to create and edit CSV files. Examples include Google Sheets (Google Docs), OpenOffice, Numbers and Microsoft Excel.


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