Skills Boost - Supplementary Reading and Listening Skills Development Program

Richmond has created Skills Boost, a set of supplementary reading and listening activities which are available to teachers and learners in both printable and digital formats for use in class and for self-study. There are six Skills Boost levels, containing 12 listening activities and 12 reading activities for each of the six levels: A1 to C1.

Skills Boost gives learners valuable practice of reading and listening skills, and includes a wide range of text types, engaging topics, and audio that exposes learners to a variety of native speaker accents. Corresponding comprehension tasks support learners’ understanding of the texts and audio, and encourage them to use a variety of techniques to boost their level of comprehension. Worksheets, audioscripts and answer keys are provided in the course portal, through the Teacher´s Area tab. Learners can also use the interactive version of Skills Boost for self-study. This is available on the VLE, alongside with their course content.

Listening Activities

Learners are exposed to a variety of audio formats, including dialogues, monologues, radio programs, short and long conversations, etc.

The Skills Boost listening program develops a variety of listening sbuskills.

  • Listening for specific information
  • Listening in detail
  • Drawing correct conclusions
  • Recognizing speaker´s attitude
  • Deducing meaning of unfamiliar words from context
  • Making inferences and deductions

Reading Activities

Reading material is presented in real-life like contexts, and students are exposed to a variety of written language styles. This includes formal and informal language, modelled in different formats.

The Skills Boost reading program develops a variety of reading sbuskills. · Scanning: reading for specific information · Skimming: reading for gist · Understanding text and distinguishing text styles · Understanding information on charts and tables · Understanding main ideas · Guessing the meaning of unfamilair words · Making predictions and informed guesses Development of reading subskills. 6 Learners are exposed to a variety of gendres and text types including emails, websites, forums, text messages, brochures, etc.

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