Accessing the Skills Boost Online Content

Students and teachers have access to the digital content of Skills Boost through the VLE, upon registration of their materials and activation of their access code:

Students and teachers will automatically receive access to both, their course VLE content plus the Skills Boost content that corresponds to their level:

Selection of the Skills Boost icon will enable access to the listening and reading extra materials available as part of the Skills Boost program. For each activity, students will be able to monitor their own progress and see their first and last score for each individual activity.

Teachers can also monitor their students’ progress through the Markbook tab:

By selecting students, teachers will be able to see their progress, clicking on the View Markbook button and selecting the Skills Boost product:

Accessing the Skills Boost Classroom Resources

Teachers have access to additional printable listening and reading worksheets and audio files forl the listening activities in the Skills Boost program. This extra material allows teachers to bring additional reading and listening skills development activities to class, to support the Skills Boost online content.

Teachers can access the classroom resources through the Teacher´s Area tab in their course´s portal:

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