Updates to Richmond VLE (in English)

Dear Users
We are pleased to announce a number of significant improvements will be available to you, your teachers and students on our Richmond Learning Platforms. Most of these improvements are in the VLE component of the Learning Platforms but we have also adapted the registration process so that students will be able to register for self-study.
Below, you will find a list of key changes we have made and how they will improve the experience for users.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments on the Richmond Learning Platforms or if you need any support. 
We hope you enjoy the new and improved Richmond Learning Platforms.
All the best,
The Richmond Learning Platform Team
Training Managers
Home page/Classes tab – Training Manager is able to edit a class in multiple ways:
· Training Manager can view all participants of a class and delete them
· Training Manager can switch access to the Library and Forum modules on or off
· Training Manager can view the class code of a class
Users tab:
· Training Manager can search for users, using the user search bar
Teachers and Training Managers
Class – Materials tab:
· Teachers and TMs can now manage access to units of a product. This means that teachers can decide when their students have access to the material for each unit.
Class – Library tab:
· Teachers and TMs can search uploaded resources, using the library search bar
· Visible to students functionality removed. Resources uploaded will be available for all class participants to view or download.
Participants tab now merged with the Markbook tab
Class – Markbook tab:
This is a major change; previously teachers and Training Managers could only see the scores their students got in an activity if this activity was part of an assignment. Now teachers and Training Managers can automatically see their students’ marks on any content that their students have attempted. This means that teachers and Training Managers can simply allow their students to access materials when they want or when they are given access to them. Teachers can then monitor their progress without having to go through the process of creating an assignment.
· New button: Send message – Teachers and Training Managers can send the same message to one or more users in the class.
· New button: View Markbook – Allows teachers and Training Managers to select a single student and view their scores for a single product, using a drop down menu of products.
· New button: Editable report – Allows teachers and Training Managers to select a product from a drop down menu of the products available for a class, a CSV report is then generated of all the students’ scores for this product. This report can then be edited or integrated with offline marks.
· New button: PDF report – Allows teachers and Training Managers to select a product from a drop down menu of the products available for a class, a PDF report is then generated of all the students’ scores for this product.
Class – Assignments tab:
· New button: View result – Allows you to view a student’s detailed results for all activities in an assignment.
· New information displayed about the assignments on the Assignments tab. You can view the ‘Due Date’, ‘Submitted’ and ‘Average Score %’.
· You can use the filters on the left of the screen to view a specific student’s results.
Home page/Classes page:
· New button: Class Code
Self-study student accounts can be transferred to any class in your institution using the unique class code. Or existing students can use the code to join new or additional classes.
My Home page:
· Shows all of the products a student has activated, sorted by course. Students use the arrows to scroll though the products available for each course.
· New button: Enter class code – This allows the user to enter a code unique to a class. When the student enters the class code, which they receive from their teacher, they will automatically be added to the class.
· When students access a product, they can attempt activities and their submitted scores and their progress will be recorded.
Class – Library tab:
· Students are now able to search for library resources.
· Students are now able to delete a resource they have uploaded.
Markbook tab removed for students as students can view their marks directly from their My Home page.
Class – Assignments tab:
· Assignments tab page now displays ‘Score %’ for assignments.
· New button: View results – Students are now able to view their scores for current and completed assignments.
· New button: Self-Study Score – Students are now able to use their self-study score when submitting assignments. Students are allowed to complete the activity, or use the scores they have obtained whilst in the self-study area. This means that students can decide that if they have already done an activity for self-study, they can use the score they got if they are satisfied or try again if they want to improve.
Self-study student
We have added a new Self-study student role, so that students can register themselves and activate content using an Access code without being a member of an institution.
Self-study students can be easily moved into a class in an Institution by using the Class Code process. So a student can register themselves and then use the class code, which they receive from their teacher, so that they can then join a class. They will receive an email to confirm that they have been added to the class in the institution.
· Self-study students have the same My Home page as students within an institution.
· Self-study students are not members of a class so they do not have access to class features such as the Forum and Library.
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